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Roof Restoration & Roof Repairs Brighton

We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Affordable Roof Repair Services Brighton

Elements that affect the cost of roof repairs are-

  • Area requiring the repair- lesser the area that requires the repairing, more is the cost.
  • Material required to make the repairs- The material such as metal roof or tiles are costlier than the asphalt shingles. Depending on the material, the cost varies.
  • Working Conditions- The working area where the job will take place, and weather of the job affects money concerns. For example, working in bad weather can be costly. 
  • Location of repair- The site location of the area and kind of locality there also affects the cost. Local rate of the area applies.
  • The amount of work also affects the cost of the job. For example, if you are a home inspector and have more work for the contractor in future, then the cost of the job decreases dramatically.
  • Additional expenses such as underlayment, sheathing, gutters, insulation, interior structural or ceiling damage also affect the overall cost of the job of roof restoration in Brighton. 

Advanced roofing gutters are your answer for affordable roof repair services in Brighton.

Why choose Roof restoration and repair for the Brighton region

Benefits of roof restoration and repair for the Brighton region are- 

  • Aesthetic appeal- After the damage has been mitigated, the home becomes more aesthetically pleasing rather than being an eyesore.
  • Safety and health- Damaged and leaking roofs mean mold and its infestation over a period of time. Once the roof is repaired, it increases the safety of your house and curbs away any health concerns regarding the same. 
  • Increased energy efficiency- If the roof is damaged, the HVAc system will have to be cranked up to compensate for the lost heat or cold air, which turns to high energy bills. This can be avoided by timely fixing the damaged or leaky roof.
  • Extension on roof life- A timely damage fix, ensures the increase in the life of the roof.
  • Prevention of future damage- Once the existing damage and the leaks are fixed, it reduces the chance of any further damage to the roof. The longer the damage sits, the more damage it is expected to cause.
  • Commercial value of home increases- After the damaged roof is restored, it will fetch a much better return in case it is sold, than if the roof was not restored. 

For all your roof restoration needs in Brighton, please call Advanced roofing gutters today. 

Our Roof Replacement Services

Advanced roofing gutters provides number of restoration services which are- 

  1. Re-roofing
  2. Metal roofing
  3. Emergency repairs
  4. Roof restorations
  5. Gutter repairs
  6. Rainheads and downpipes
  7. Leaking roof repair
  8. Fascia and gutter installation

You can choose from the given services and take advantage of our perfect work ethic and amazing job quality. Call for a quote today.

Leaking Roof Repairs near Brighton

Leaking roof repairs near Brighton can be pressuring your pocket. What can you do to cut down the cost of roof restoration-

  • Plan ahead- If you want to get roof restoration done, then plan ahead regarding the cheapest material and also understand the size and complexity of your roof.
  • Get multiple quotes- Get quotes from multiple contractors and try to haggle the prices.
  • Time to get repairs- Getting repairs in the off season is a good idea to get over the rush season and also get additional discounts.
  • Insurance usage- Your insurance might come in handy in case of damage due to climate etc. as long as it is not due to neglect.
  • Consideration for overlay- Decide if rather than totally replacing the roof, if only an overlay might work. This might work in cases of minimum damage. 

Advanced Roofing gutters can help you with roof restoration and other services. Call for  a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable options in the market for replacing a roof in Brighton. The experienced professionals of the roofing industry such as Advanced roofing gutters can also help save a good amount from wastage and get good discounts and deals.

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Luke was very easy to deal with and knows his work well and he restored our 70 year old roof which looks amazing and for a very reasonable price.
I will definitely use him again and have already passed on his contact details to my friends. Thank you very much Luke.


Roof leak repair. Luke explained the issue and what needed to be done in detail.
Fantastic work and efficient in completing the work.
Happy to recommend to anyone.


Quick and efficient with next day service.
Luke was affordable and professional and friendly guy.
So happy with the job


We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget. Call us Today.