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We can successfully restore roofs regardless of the damage they have suffered.

We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Roof Restoration Service Melbourne

Is the roof of your building too old, has sustained damage, or developed leaks & cracks? Are you too tired of looking for a reliable contractor who would give you genuine solutions? We feel your pain. We understand that it is not easy to find a reliable roofing contractor who genuinely cares about YOU and YOUR ROOF! But we are glad you are on this page, as you might have just found the right contractor.

We, at Advanced Roofing & Gutters, have tremendous experience and extensive knowledge of roof restoration in Melbourne. We have been installing, servicing, repairing & restoring roofs for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Melbourne for many years. We can successfully restore roofs regardless of the damage they have suffered. Some buildings are of complex shape or size, but that does not deter us from providing our clients with roof restoration solutions that are catered to the style of your building and your unique needs. We have some of the best technicians who inspect the roof thoroughly, identify the damage and issues, and suggest solutions based on their needs and budget.

We are known for offering customer satisfaction. That is perhaps the reason for us to be highly recommended by the locals in Melbourne.

We understand how important it is for everyone to have a roof that is not only spotless but also far away from any leaks and sags. Our experts have been trained to offer the solutions only after thoroughly inspecting the sites.

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No matter how aesthetically pleasing your building is, a tired-looking roof can be a spoiler. Undoubtedly the exterior of any building plays an important role in the impression set on the visitors. And you definitely don’t want to set a wrong impression. So before it’s too late, go for roof restoration in Melbourne. And we can surely help you with that. We can make sure that your house is always guest-ready, no matter the day or season.

We understand that every building has a unique style and needs, which is why we provide you with a catered solution. We take time to understand your needs, inspect the roof, and do our research. It’s only then that we suggest roof restoration in Melbourne. So when you have been suggested for unnecessary roof replacement, consult us. We will try our best to give you solutions that reduce your expenses significantly.

So when you think it’s time to give the roof a new life, call us for the best re-roofing in Melbourne.


There are plenty of times when you don’t really know if what your roof needs is a replacement or restoration. Quite often many individuals get their roof re-installed, without even seeking any sort of help beforehand. It is important to know that getting a new roof is a lot costlier than getting roof restorations in Melbourne.

The best way is to give professional services a call and allow them to thoroughly inspect your roof. Only after that will you be able to find out what the actual damage is and to what extent. Our team at Advanced Roofing & Gutters is always readily available to help you offer a free consultation over the call as well.

However, if you still wish to first insect on your own, a few indications that can help you figure out if you truly need the restoration or not.

Often you can see the signs of your roof deteriorating from inside your homes only. You need to keep your eyes open for trails that might indicate leaking, any sort of unwanted light coming in through your roof, or dark spots. Now, if any of these is appearing just once on your roof, you can simply opt for getting your roof repaired.

However, if there are plenty of such spots and leakages, chances are that you will need to get the entire roof restored.

As for looking for indications from the outside, you need to look for loose materials, indications of moisture or molds, shingle granules, sags, or even cracking of your tiles.

When you come across such signs, you need to contact a professional roofing company immediately. We have years of experience in the industry and have developed an expertise in taking care of any kind of roof damage, be it inside your buildings or on the outside.

The fine work and cutting edge technology that our roofers use is perhaps the reason why Advanced Roofing & Gutters is among the highly recommended roofing services in the whole of Melbourne. We let our work speak for itself.

Our roofers are qualified and skilled to offer you an unbiased and long-term solution for your roofing needs. Once you get on a call with us, we will offer you a free consultation session.

One of the leading roofers will then visit the site to inspect for damages and the scope of work. Only after a thorough check will they come up with the solutions.

It is crucial for them to do a thorough site inspection in order to make sure they offer you the right direction. The high-quality service provided by the experts at a cost that will be nothing less than a bargain is what distinguishes us from other services in Melbourne. The craftsmanship is a true value for money when you see the final outcome.

If you wish to restore your roof at the best quality, think no more. Get in touch with us today and experience what perfection feels like!


Restoring roofs is not an easy process. There are a plethora of factors and steps that need to be undertaken before you can get your roof looking brand-new again.

It is important to contact professionals as restoration of roofs require high-quality work, special equipment, and cleaning chemicals. It is not an easy DIY project.

When you give us a call, we will send our top roofers to inspect the area. They will assess and look for all the damage points on your roof. These damages could be anything ranging from cracked tiles to leakages. They will curate a list of everything that needs work. Taking photos of the damages is also crucial to make sure that the assessment is carried out perfectly.

This thorough roof assessment will allow our experts to not only help you determine the perfect solution but also give you an accurate cost that will come with restoring your roof.

When the process begins, your roof will be thoroughly cleaned by our team. This step is to get rid of all the debris and dirt that has been on the roof since forever. The roofers also ensure that your gutters are also cleaned.

This step makes the damages more prominent and also helps roofers to check for more points of leakages.

One of the most critical steps in the entire restoration process is perhaps getting the roof repairs done. Roof repairs include following up the damage points that were earlier identified but in a much more detailed manner.

This is when all the broken tiles are replaced and cracks are mended. This entire process requires the finest form of workmanship. Otherwise, it can be harmful or all the damages might just come back into your life to haunt you.

When you hire a qualified professional, just like us, you can expect your old roof to look brand-new, without having to pay for a new roof altogether.

We make sure that once all the repairs are done, they get a layer of protective chemical coating. This coating is what ensures that the quality work delivered by our professionals remain durable and also prolong the time before you need to get the next maintenance done.

We don’t just leave the job like that. Once our repair work is complete, the team undertakes a final post-job assessment to ensure that everything is working fine. This helps us to find out if there are still any areas that need to be worked on.

If there are, they make sure that nothing is left incomplete.
Your roof is your protective layer. It helps you stay safe from the merciless hailstorms, heavy rainfall or snowfall, and lightning strikes. It is crucial that you only find the roofers that are well-experienced, educated, and skilled in the roofing industry.

At Advanced Roofing & Gutters, we only have highly qualified roofers who complete every step in the roof restoration process with complete precision and dedication.

Get in touch with us today if perfection is what you strive for your beautiful and comfortable homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although roof replacement can range between $5000 to $10000 and can cost quite steep, a roof restoration in Melbourne might be easier on the pocket and prove to be a more practical approach. At $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot a roof restoration in Melbourne will work pretty well if the roof is not fully damaged.

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Luke was very easy to deal with and knows his work well and he restored our 70 year old roof which looks amazing and for a very reasonable price.
I will definitely use him again and have already passed on his contact details to my friends. Thank you very much Luke.


Roof leak repair. Luke explained the issue and what needed to be done in detail.
Fantastic work and efficient in completing the work.
Happy to recommend to anyone.


Quick and efficient with next day service.
Luke was affordable and professional and friendly guy.
So happy with the job


We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget. Call us Today.