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Providing reliable and efficient tile roof repairs & tiled roof restoration in Melbourne.

We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Experienced Tile Roof Repairs Melbourne

At Advanced Roofing & Gutters, we provide efficient and cost-effective tile roof repairs in Melbourne. Our experience in repairing roofs of all types and materials has made us proficient in handling repairs of all scales. We are often asked to repair tiled roofs after a severe storm or heavy rains. This is because tiles have either cracked or have been dislodged. We replace the broken or loose tiles and look for underlying issues. We address these issues and ensure that the cause is eradicated from the root. We do rebedding and repointing and extend the life of your roof by several years.

There could be plenty of reasons for the deterioration of your roof tiles or terracotta roof shingles apart from the merciless hail storms or rainfall. It could be the formation of moss underneath the tiles, rotting of the roof, or even the tree limbs of overgrown trees.

Our team of experts figures out the root cause of the damage before they come up in the right direction. We believe that you cannot fully restore or repair the damage or offer a long-term solution till the time you don’t know what caused it.

This makes sure that you are not paying for something that you should not have to. Also, this allows our roofers to offer quality workmanship and deliver durable work after a thorough inspection. If you are in search of professional services to get your tile roof repairs in Melbourne, Advanced Roofing & Gutters is often highly recommended.

So if the mortar has started to fall off or there are cracks under the roof capping tiles, call for tile roof repairs in Melbourne. It is a job that requires a professional’s insight. Roofing is not a job for under qualified or inexperienced individuals.

We have some of the best technicians who inspect the roof thoroughly, identify the damage and issues, and restore the roof to its original look. Maybe even better!

We understand how valuable good roofs can be. They not only help in making your houses look neat but also help you stay away from sickness. Thus, our fully qualified roofers aim to offer services that are prompt, long-term, and truly cost-effective.

If you are in need of getting your roof repairs in Melbourne, give us a call today!


Are you looking for a reliable contractor who would give you genuine solutions? We are glad you are on this page, as you have found the right contractor. We provide reliable and effective tiled roof restoration In Melbourne. We give the roofs a new life and make them ready for another several years.

Our team of experts is skilled and well-trained to inspect and scout for exactly what needs to be done. This allows them to plan well, acquire only the finest quality materials, and put their best foot forward when it comes to delivering the work.

We understand that every building has a unique style and needs, which is why we provide you with a catered solution. We take time to understand your needs, inspect the roof, and do our research. Before providing you with a quote for tiled roof restoration in Melbourne, we take into account various factors.

We check the quality of metal elements used on the roof, from flashings to valley irons. We check for bedding and pointing problems which is one of the most common problems on tiled roofs.

It is only after a thorough inspection by our experts that we get to the solution. We make sure you are not getting anything done that you don’t actually need.

This helps us give you an exact budget. Our quality professional services are not only of high quality but also a long-term solution provided to you at costs that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We offer solutions that are cost-effective for you.

Hire Expert for Leaking Roof Repairs

Reasons why you need roof repairs are-
1. Repairs due to leakage-
Tile roof repairs become a necessity due to the leakage.The joints in the roof are generally the reason for leakage. The joints can break due to wear and tear or even weather conditions. Poor job quality might also be a reason for leakage.
2. Repairs due to damage-
The roofs made with any polycarbonate material then there is a good chance that the damage took place due to heavy wind. If not taken care of properly, water can seep through small crevices etc. So much damage can be caused due to broken,loose or missing tiles. If this goes on for a long time then it can damage the structural integrity of the house too. This means tiles must be maintained properly and damage if any, should be dealt with at the earliest.
Any tile roof repairs in Melbourne can be undertaken by Advanced roofing gutters. Call for a quote today.

How long does a roof restoration take?

Roof restoration duration can vary depending on the kind of repairs required, the size of roof damage to be treated and also the weather at the time of job. Advanced roofing gutters can do tile roof repairs in record time at competitive prices.

So when you need tile roof repairs in Melbourne, call us. We will try our best to give you solutions that reduce your expenses significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the area of Melbourne, it can cost you anywhere from $5000 to $10000, depending on the size of home that needs roof replacement or roof repairs. This cost can be further downsized using the services of certified and experienced professionals in the field. These professionals can be found with Advanced roofing gutters in Melbourne.

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Luke was very easy to deal with and knows his work well and he restored our 70 year old roof which looks amazing and for a very reasonable price.
I will definitely use him again and have already passed on his contact details to my friends. Thank you very much Luke.


Roof leak repair. Luke explained the issue and what needed to be done in detail.
Fantastic work and efficient in completing the work.
Happy to recommend to anyone.


Quick and efficient with next day service.
Luke was affordable and professional and friendly guy.
So happy with the job


We understand that every building has a unique style, which is why we provide you with a catered solution that best suits your needs and budget. Call us Today.